(for Windows)

Here is a collection of FREE VST Instruments that I have created and designed for use in my studio. These
instruments are made for my needs and are special suited for my musical style.

If you are a musician and want to try them out, you can download these plug-in instruments for use in your own projects. Check out for updates. Enjoy!

This software is donationware, which means you can donate any amount of money you think its worth to you! Transactions are handled secure through PayPal™, which is the worlds most reliable electronic payment system. Click on the button, to go to the PayPal pages:


Download (version 1,6)

VST plug-in instrument for VST® compatible systems. Also standalone version.

This VST software synthesizer delivers rich, dense and spacious sounds that offer vast creative potential. It is possible to make a wide variety of sounds, from warm etheral pads, to sharp metallic timbres. As well as experimental outer space effect sounds. The plug-in combines these with a clear and responsive front panel interface with all the key sound shaping controls you need. The Wollo Voyager is a virtual analog synthesizer designed for use in a VST sequenzer host for PC. Also the synth is available as a standalone version.

This sophisticated Synthesizer combines analog style sounds with onboard effect processors and EQ. Delay, Flanger and an advanced Reverb section.

Wollo Voyager is dedicated to produce sounds that is especially useful in modern electronic ambient and
space music styles. Great for pads and soundscapes!

Main features:
- Advanced analog-modelling synthesis with 2 Oscillators
- Filter with ADSR and Amount
- LFO with Speed and Depth
- 16 Step LFO with host time sync
- Panning Delay with host time sync
- Flanger
- Sophisticated Reverb section with EQ
- 4 band Equalizer for total overall sound
- Mouse Controlled Device for live use (not yet finished)
- Virtual animated mouse Keyboard and MIDI monitor
- Preset Manager with one bank of 64 presets


Download (version 2.0)

Juno style analog synthesizer. The Wollo Drone is a virtual analog synthesizer that combines analog style
sounds with onboard effect processors. Flanger with moog filter and two delays.

Key features: | Simple, easy to use interface | 32 voice polyphony | 2 oscillators in each voice | True stereo
mode, for a wide sound | 5 different oscillator waveforms with pulse-width and sync | 4 different resonant
filters | LFOs with 8 different waveforms | envelopes for Osc 1 & Osc 2 | Portamento | Mono Mode | Flanger
with build in moog filter | 2 mono delays | Preset manager

Here you can download new sounds for the WOLLO DRONE:
- WOLLO DRONE (programmed by Dimitri Schkoda)


Download (version 2.0)

The Wollo FMERA combines FM style sounds with a wave player. Included is one dedicated single stereo
female voice sample, which will be triggered together with the fm sound. With onboard effect processors.

Key features: | Simple, easy to use interface | 32 voice polyphony | 2 oscillators (carrier and modulator) in
each voice | wave player with dedicated stereo voice wave sample | modulation filter, depth and keyboard |
separate envelopes for Osc 1, Osc 2 and wave player | 2 mono Flangers | 2 mono delays | Preset manager

Here you can download new sounds for the WOLLO FMERA:
- WOLLO FMERA (programmed by Dimitri Schkoda)


Download (version 2.0)

The Wollo Beat is a 808 style virtual drums and percussion machine. Key features include 2 drumsets, each
with 15 velocity-sensitive sounds. With gain, pan, and filters to alter each instrument. As well as pitch.

Key features: | Simple, easy to use interface | 16 voice polyphony | volume, pan, filters and pitch for each
sound | delay | reverb | Preset manager


Download (version 2.0)

Virtual multi effects processor.

Key features: | 2 reverbs, paralelled | 2 flangers | delay | on/off buttons and volume | direct level gain |
Preset manager