"Formations" String Quartet - 1982)
"En Brottsjø" (Saxophone Quartet - 1986)
"Solar" (Tape/Woodwinds - 1986)
"Windows" (Sinfonietta - 1988)
"Pre Sense" (2 pno/Cl/Tr/Tape - 1990)
"Vidder" (Organ/E.horn - 1992)
"Accordance" (String Quartet - 1992)
"Lost in Legoland" (Fl/Git/Voc - 1994)
"Magnushymnen" (Voc/Fl/Git/Brass - 1997)
"Ceramics" (Fl/Perc/Tape - 1998)
"Imaginations" (String Quartet - 1998)
"Millennium 2000" (Sinfonietta/Soprano/Choir/Organ - 1999)
"Transitions" (Sinfonietta/Soprano - 2000)
"Unity" (String Quartet - 2002)
"Snowflakes" (Choir/Small Orchestra - 2011)
"Elementa Ultra" (Large Wind Orchestra/Electric Guitar/Electronics - 2013)
"Fragmenter fra en aftenstemning" (Large Wind Orchestra/Soprano - 2015)

These are scores for some of my works for ensembles and orchestras. Tonal and minimalistic music.
If you want to perform any of these works and need scores and separate voice transcribsions, contact
Norvegian Music Information/Norwegian National Library for orders and downloads

"Tunes" (The "Real book" of Erik Wøllo)

This is a pdf file with a collection of 23 scores from his earliest compositions, (1978-1982). At that time some
of his music was jazz influenced with a lot of improvisation. Some of these tunes are released on his first
albums. These scores are not arranged, just written out in a "Real book" style.
Download the pdf file here

Scores of other works by Erik will soon be available here. Transcribsions from some of his albums
as well as other unreleased material!