Wind and Wire, (USA):
One of the masters of European electronic music has once again graced us with a fine release. Erik Wøllo's Transit is a well-executed hodge-podge/grab bag of electronic stylings that range from the dramatic to the discreet, from the frenetic to the
(relatively) serene. I can't imagine many fans of keyboard-based music being disappointed with this.

The album starts off with a short almost reverential church-like number, "Another Place (Prelude)," that morphs into odd
noises. This segues into a very propulsive sequencer-driven track, "Wonderland," that has a heavy bass line, counterpointed with a chime-like melody. I want to emphasize that the bass line on this song is very deep! Then we're off in a blast of
frenetic neo-classic strings on "Indigo" that reminds me of vintage Spotted Peccary releases&emdash;until the heavy bass
enters again. We're talking serious quasi-techno beats here (quasi because it's really slowed down, but the presence is
significant). There is a slight darkness to this song, which adds to the atmosphere.

"Poles" starts out sounding like a Patrick O'Hearn recording, with fast rhythms and delicate synth work. When the sequenzer cuts in, obvious comparisons to Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze emerge. A piano/synth refrain brings a nice contrast to
the song as it reaches cruising speed. The title cut sounds like Tangerine Dream married to techno/house with sampled
voices added into the mix. It's a real mover! The majority of Transit is for lovers of cruising space/electronic music. It's gotta be a killer driving CD! The rhythms are very catchy!

I may be imagining it, but I believe Erik continually brings in the same refrain scattered throughout the recording. This does not sound boring or repetitious. Instead, it almost gives the release a "soundtrack of the mind" release, i.e. a repeating
theme used over and over.

Since Transit has fifteen songs on it, rather than continue to go through each cut, I'll just close by saying that this is a good electronic release for those who like their music very rhythmic. While elements of songs could be said to be soft or quiet, the overall impression I got of the album is to crank this up and play it loud! Erik Wøllo's Transit should be a welcome addition
to many EM fans' collection, especially if their tastes run towards a blend of rhythms, cruising sequencers, and space synths
all mixed together.
Bill Binkelman

Musical Starstreams, USA):
We are happy to announce the music of Norway's Erik Wollo is still available on our shores and, in fact, seems to get better and better. This latest effort is a dazzling piece of work ranging from spacious atmospheric to pedal-to-the-metal upbeat
electronics that bring to mind Jean Michel Jarre at his most ambitious self. Although intense at times, you'll also find
enchanting and floating moods conveyed throughout Transit. Wollo's magic touch is evident on acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synthesizers, sequencers, percussion and other treatments. One of our favorite tracks, "Northern Lights Alap 2"
includes a stunning guest appearance from famous Indian violinist L. Subramaniam, contributing some mesmerizing and
searing violin sounds . The album alternates between envelope-stretching kinetics to masterful, moving instrumental
creations. Transit is a fine effort from one of Norway's best.
Review by Forest

Schwingungen, (Germany):
Der Norweger Erik Wøllo stellt sich auf seiner neuen CD als Multiinstrumentalist vor. Er spielt nicht nur diverse Synethesizer,
sondern er beherrscht auch die Gitarre, synthetisch, akustisch und elektrisch. Unterstützt von L. Subramaniam mit einer
elektronischen Violine auf Titel Nr. 14 ‘'Nothern lights alap 2'', was immer das auch heißen mag, so spielt er seine sehr
gefällige ruhige Melodien. Einige Tracks sind etwas rhythmusbetonter, aber die eingängigen Sounds überwiegen. Produziert
wurde das ´Ganze‘ in Fredrikstad in den Jahren 1994 und 1995, aber erst 1996 veröffentlicht. Dies deutet auf eine
sorgfältige Auswahl der Titel bzw. Stimmigkeit auf dieser CD hin. Teilweise klassisch (spinettmäßig angehaucht und zwar
Track Yearning) überrascht Eric immer wieder mit neuen, schwebenden Flächen und interessanten Klangstrukturen.
Herausragende Stücke sind sicherlich neben dem Titelstück Transit, noch Inner motion und eben Nothern lights alap 2.
Empfehlenswert für Leute, die mit Musik die Entspannung suchen.
Insgesamt eine beachtenswerte CD.
Herbert Breitinger

Other reviews:



Skal musikken beskrives med ett ord ville ikke en spesiell musikkgenre være dekkende, men rett og slett: vakkert.


........herlig befridd for trender... melodier med veldig mye melodi i ... levende og vakker ... (Fremtiden)

........heftig dans fra sandtaket ved Eidet kro, og helikopterflukt over Hvaler og Nord-Norge.
Dette er ingredienser i videoen til tittelkuttet "Transit". Musikken er en krysning av maleriske og luftige lydskisser, samt mer moderne dance. Absolutt radiovennlig. (Demokraten)

Variasjonen og mangfoldet er styrken. Innholdet er som en gjennomgående positiv strøm. Ambient new age-techno. (Dagbladet)

Skal vi være riktig fordringsfulle anbefaler vi å lytte til de vel 68 minuttene i sin helhet. Da belønnes du med stemningsskapende musikk til din indre video et eller annet sted i hjernebarken. (Fredrikstad Blad)

har stelt med mye forskjellig musikk, men kanskje var han vår første tekno-artist. Han mesker seg i lekre
melodilinjer og sødmefylte arrangementer, og er solo-artist i ordets rette forstand. (Puls)

Even the music's darkest, most experimental moments, the lyrical base shines through. Curious?
You should be, if you still nurture dreams and hopes. And no-one can do anything about natural forces except portray them. (Listen to Norway)