(Electronic Music Magazine NR. 9  September 2005)
In 1987, I came in touch with the special music of the Norwegian Erik Wøllo through his album ''Silver Beach''. At that
moment, it was his fourt album and it meant a new direction in his career. The music was more rhythmic and rock
oriented than was the case with his first three cds. Wøllo's music appeals to me because of the combination of nice
compositions, innovative sounds, and the richly present atmosphere. In spite of the fact that ''Silver Beach'', indeed,
was somewhat more rhythmic than I am used to from him, these ingredients can also be widely heard on this cd. The
mix between the rhythms and the beautiful, and sometimes thin, synthesizer sounds on occasion remind me of the
music of Patrick O'Hearn. ''Panorama'',''Journey'' and ''Sequenza'' are great examples of this. The latter track honours
its title because it does have a nice sequence. In ''crystal-Ice'', Eastern influences can be heard. Also, the typical
atmospheric sound that we know from him are present, for example, in the title track and in ''Wintergarden Ethereal''.
This remastered version has given the music more warmth, and it is warmth that reflects the music of Wøllo most.
Paul Rijkens

Old Reviews (1987-88):
Erik Wøllo is a norwegian guitarist and synthesist whose music is characterized by punchy attacks, snappy rhythms, and
excellent choice of mixtures of tone colours, including some nice bell-like, quasi gamelan timbres. Wøllo is smart enough to make interesting music, he has to layer sound upon sound, such that the music will bear up to repeated listening and allow
the listener to discover new things every time he or she puts the CD on. Though there is plenty of repetition in terms of
rhythmic, melodic and harmonic content, the layered textures keep this music from having the mind numbing insistence of
latter-day Tangerine Dream. Wøllo keeps coming up with things to pique your interest and he has cranked out some very
fine music. The CD version includes two fine tracks not available on vinyl.
- Option Magazine (USA)
Dean Suzuki
Minimalistic electronic instrumentals from Scandinavia. Wøllos percussive tapestries are quirky and original. Slow, sustained
melodies and chords hover above a percolating heartbeat of distinctively treated samples, creating a sense of ceaseless
motion without arrival. But as with Tangerine Dream, the details are always changing in unpredictable ways. Good for
background, or for attentive listening.
- Keyboard Magazine (USA)
Jim Aikin
Having heard Wøllos second album Dreams of Pyramids, I was expecting this his fourth release to be in the similar vein.
Dominated by guitar and guitar synth with a slight jazz-rock feel. But Silver Beach bears little obvious resemblance to the
earlier work. Wøllo seems to have virtually abandoned the guitar in favour of a very digital sound, combined with, I suspect, with sound sampling. The music is quite systemic in a Steive Reich-ian way, though more tuneful and accessible than the
American maestro. There is a great sense of unity through the albums eight tracks (LP) and I found this consistency to be a strength rather than aweakness. One definite connection between this release and his prevous Dreams of Pyramids is Wøllos intelligent use of percussion, both in the sounds chosen and the programming, too often a weak link in rhythmic synth
music. I definietly preferred side 2 to 1 where there is greater originality and power, no more than in the longest track, Dark Eyed Drums, a gutsy piece living up to its title. Erik Wøllo is clearly a developing artist and if he had been born in America or Germany I am sure he would by now command far grater attention than he does. Worth checking out, without doubt.
- Audion Magazine (USA)
Kevin O'Neill
The overall concept is brilliant, and the music keeps running throuh my head long after I hear it. I really loved the choices of patches and the processing. Each piece seems to create its own distinct musical atmosphere. I thought that the musicianship and compositions were superb making this thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.
This material has much more substance than most of the music I have been receiving from other people lately.
Ben Kettlewell (USA)
Erik Wøllo is undoubtly going to be one of our better known synthesists in the very near future. Silver Beach is a splendid
disc which features melodic, rhythmic music that is visionary and colourful. If you enjoy synth music of any style this is well
worth your attention. Highly recommended.
- C&D. Compact Disc Services (UK)