is another great CD of heroic electronic orchestrations and meticulous guitar melodies from
Erik Wollo, a Norwegian architect of atmosphere. His music is pristine, but sears the air with its intensity.

CD of the month for June 2010 on Echoes:

Erik Wøllo is an architect of ambience, a poet of electronic landscapes. Employing “cinematic” as an adjective for this music
is a tiresome cliche, and it's been applied to everything Wollo has recorded. Yet, on his latest CD, Gateway, his music does
give you the sense of piloting down canyons, soaring between mountains and launching on trajectories somewhere toward
the heavens. Put the title track of Gateway on loud while driving, and your car won’t be the only thing on cruise control as
Wollo’s music turns an everyday commute into a fantasy journey.

On songs like “Life in Technicolor,” groups like Coldplay try (with the help of Jon Hopkins) to attain the same kind of
timeless, shifting mood that is Erik Wøllo's stock in trade. And like them, he brings a minimalist’s sense of austerity and
design to expansive synthesizer orchestrations like the heroic strains of “The Traveler.” It’s that perfect Wøllo mix of
ping- ponging electronic rhythms and melodic pads that sweep in searchlight patterns.

With all the electronics, it’s almost easy to forget that Wøllo is a gifted guitarist. Most of the music is generated from a
guitar or guitar synthesizer. He can make his six strings sound like an electronic symphony and on the highly ambient
tracks that conclude the album, like "The Mental Trail" and "Full Circle," it sounds nothing like a guitar at all with their
glacial motion and vast, horizon-like textures. But on pieces like “First Arrival” he can also pull out twanged liquid leads.

Erik Wøllo manages to synthesize influences from Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd to Steve Reich and modern electronica. But as one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music, he’s truly morphed these sounds into something that is
wholly his own. Step through Erik Wøllo’s Gateway and you’ll see his world revealed.
© 2010 John Diliberto

On Gateway (70'16") Erik Wøllo continues to explore his musical imagination. Through many years of experience he has
gained knowledge and a refined technique - and still seems excited about creating the vivid pieces that inhabit this album.

In just a few seconds of this music one is transported to another plane. Bypassing verbal thought, connecting directly with
the mind, his fluid lead melodies speak, as if in a voice, directly to the listener. Although closely associated with electronic
sound, Wøllo uses guitar as the primary instrument in which to convey his message. Usually played through assorted effects, his lead lines are poignant, ethereal and elegant. The synthetic harmonies and melodies that fill out this majestic work are
arranged with the skill of a seasoned composer.

Gateway 's more active pieces develop along a wonderful arc of crisp rhythms and layers of bounding sequencer patterns -
which act to vivify the progression of Wøllo's tuneful lead lines flying above. When loosening structural plans, Wøllo also
realizes compositions more in an ambient mode. Gentle and bittersweet, these beautiful slow moving sections possibly
contain even more emotional content than the soaring hymns and exuberant fantasies found elsewhere on this CD.
From stark simplicity to prog-influenced anthems Wøllo's spirit comes out in the precision and detail of his work -
as it touches the best part of us.
- Chuck van Zyl

For years, Erik Wøllo is known for his expert skills in building highly imaginary and emotional music,
building a bridge between grand symphonic realms and gentle, serene atmospheres.

On "Gateway", his 14th solo release, Erik takes things to a new exciting level, offering a 70-minute grand breathing space
of sparkling guitar work and expansive electronics which acts as a metaphor of multiple inner sonic landscapes.

Moreover, this fine-tuned collection of well shaped, sculptured and crafted compositions reveals a fine eye for detail,
which sees Mr Wøllo display his lyrical music on a giant virtual canvas while it smoothly morphs through lighter and
darker environments and shades.

In its core depths, one can occasionally hear shimmers inspired by the haunting Scandinavian landscapes making Erik's
music a celebration expressed through both poignant and melodic leads as the more sedate, introspective musings.

The 12 carefully sequenced parts found on "Gateway" merge the best of both worlds as we look out over a vast but
always harmonic and logical sonic scenery that seems to reveal new corners, heights and depths at very new spin of the
album in the cd-player.

I classify "Gateway" as another key-recording for all lovers of evocative ambient and symphonic orchestrated
sound painting. Chapeau Erik!
- Bert Strolenberg

When it comes to the ambient genre, you can always count on Norwegian artist/composer Erik Wollo for compelling,
highly imaginative music that is full of layers. Creating small-scale symphonies of otherworldly keyboard tones,
twinkly effects, dense synthesizers, mellow rhythms and environmental sounds, Wollo wraps the listener in sonic
environments that are more than just a pleasant listen - they are introspective and thought-provoking.

GATEWAY is another trek through the wild blue yonder with the artist, featuring music that conjures images of vast
landscapes and fantastical locales. Percussion plays a role in songs like "First Arrival" and "The Crossing", giving these
placid gems a very chilled, atmospheric vibe. When the beats stop, as in "A Sublime Place" or "Blue Universe",
you are plunged into a hazy flow of swirling synths and vivid airy effects that make you feel as if you are lost in a dream.
Impressionistic ambient music at its best!


The short version of this review is: Go get this CD right now. My only previous exposure to guitarist Erik Wøllo
has been in collaboration with other artists Steve Roach on "Stream of Thought" and Deborah Martin on "Between Worlds.
"And while I enjoyed how his textures lent an air of solidity there, to listen to him piloting his own excursion,
with every thought, moment and nuance his own, creates a whole new level of appreciationÑand brings a strong of
"What have I been missing all these years?"

In these dozen tracks, each one a complete journey unto itself, lush processed chords and mutated guitar sounds mix
with straightforward New Age playing that sometimes edges its way toward a suggestion of rock. Beats course in and out
of the mixÑstronger in tracks like "The Traveler," with its potent TD-style mix of sequencer and high melodic line
giving a tip of the nostalgia hat without coming off as forcibly retro, or the title track, which pulses merrily along as Wøllo
weaves a melody through the electronic groove. Beatless tracks here have a soft beauty all their own, like "There Will Be
Snow," which drifts quietly along but carries an amazing weight of emotion, and the meditation-perfect ambient piece,
"Full Circle." Wøllo navigates these changes in tempo and mood smoothly to craft a singular experience.

The flow of the disk is absolutely masterful, a proper manipulation of the listener's emotions and responses to the music.
This is a disc I could quite literally listen to all day and I tell you that from experience! Kudos must also be given for
Michael Karcz's cover art. It a stunning, dramatic image, incredibly detailed, and the expanded version inside the gatefold
is even more impactive. A superb bit of presentation that heightens the overall experience. (As a good cover should!)

I'm sure it's clear to you that Gateway is a Hypnagogue Highly Recommended CD and I fully expect it to land on virtually
every "Best Of" list in the genre this year.
- John Shanahan

Erik Wollo has released his 14th studio effort with the arrival of Gateway, an album of 12 uniquely individual tracks that form a superbly memorable collection. The signature of Wollo's satisfying craftwork is deply reminiscent of the haunting early
period Tangerine Dream, with wonderful forays into the soundscapes that remind of the little-heard Michael Hoenig.
But none of this is to say that the carefully constructed work of Erik Wollo is dirivative. In fact, it's so refreshing to hear such grandly orchestrated music in the ambient framework that the first spin of Gateway should have fans of ambient
compositions completely in thrall to Erik Wollo.

The album begins with "Land of Myths," a track that explores the vacated, now desolate landscape once occupied by German composer, Michael Hoenig, with its dark but strangely peaceful night. Hoenig created an acoustical world that warmly invited
you to immerse in its emotional atmosphere, and Erik Wollo does the same with his gorgeous and immersive opener.
Wollo follows it up with the brilliantly played "First Arrival," obviously a developing soundtrack for the beauty of an entry into
an alien world (or one visiting us for the first time). Earth is engagingly beautiful from outer space and even takes my breath away seeing approaching photos of it). The composition has electric guitar in it that elevates the track beyond that of an
eerie ambient flow. No ground is left untouched within these 12 tracks.

There is plenty of aural beauty for you to slip into. If you found Tangerine Dream's soundtrack for Sorcerer to be deeply
surrounding, then you'll also find "The Traveler" to take you in that direction. If a frosty world is your ideal, then the richly
layered "There Will Be Snow" is your arctic roadmap. And if a threatening environment is what pulls you forward,
then "Wetlands" unsettling beauty is the perfect coat for you to slip into. It closes with the beautiful "Thule."

No matter your preference, Erik Wollo's new album, Gateway is the key to multiple dreamworlds. It also unveils an
extraordinary talent, one that draws on the influence of the masters of the past, yet crafts music that is uniquely his own,
music that will etch Erik Wollo into your mind as one to be enshrined with those same masters.
Immeasureably recommended!
- Matt Rowe

The great Norwegian composer Erik Wøllo home presents his new album, this time released on the Projekt label, a label that is recognized by many fans of this musical style to the publication of much of the discography of another icon, Steve Roach.
Indeed, the name of Steve Roach can come to the minds of many listening to this disc, and that following the last
publication in 2009 of "Stream of Thought", a collaboration between Erik Wøllo and Steve Roach, it seems that Norwegian
composer has taken note of this collaboration for the creation of his fourteenth solo album.

"Gateway" is the title of this album that represents a turning point in the composer's career, this is an album where his
usual wisdom compositions with lyrics and rhythmic melodies, well structured, but also brings these landscapes music you
learned from Mr. Roach, these profound landscapes, which have produced a perfect symbiosis with the music of Erik Wøllo.

Gateway has twelve themes, and from the first second we goes deeply into this world that we want to transport the composer, at that door that we want to transfer to an unknown destination, but he has crossed with his music creating a great album to be enjoyed from start to finish.

Eirk Wøllo has crossed a door in his music, has plunged into the depths of the innermost musical landscapes further
contributing to their music, their already rich in its wisdom and creative composition. We are facing a door to another musical dimension in his career, but a door that allows us to continue to discover new facets of composition of one of the
great composers of our time. (translated by Google)
- Roberto Vales

The only solo album that I listened from Erik Wøllo was Elevation, in 2007. Since then I discovered a little more the musical
universe of this artist with Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Arcadia Borealis) and Deborah Martin (Between Worlds). Two very beautiful albums realized in 2009 that show how this brilliant Norwegian guitarist is at ease with approaches and musical structures as audacious as slowly eurhythmics. I quite enjoyed Elevation. For me, it was an album which opened doors towards new musical horizons where the magnetism of Wøllo enchanted with his art to merge magnificent melodies to sound landscapes.
And Gateway is another beautiful collection of these titles that charms and makes travelling, without leaving our body.

A musical journey where rhythms and structures differ from a title to another according to Erik Wøllo imagination and passion for aboriginal tendencies which liven up his creativity. Hazy rhythms where guitars strata bite ancestral specters with an
introspective and dreamy approach such as on Land of Myths and The Traveller to rhythms with more nervous sequences as on the wonderful First Arrival, The Crossing, Gateway and the huge Thule, this 16th opus of the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist is drawn straight from whims and visions that has Erik Wøllo of a hybrid world where the harmony reigns
above disorder. To alternate the rhythm in ambient sequences has no secrets anymore to him. Tracks such as A Sublime
place, Blue Universe, the superb and hallucinating The Mental Trail where strange mesmerizing pulsations draw a hypnotic
rhythmic arc, Full house Circle and the dramatic Wetlands are pure jewels of cinematographic ambiances. Sound landscapes
which disentangle according to our fantasies with spectacular guitars and synths strata that transport us at bird’s eyes to
seize all of Wøllo’s imagination.

If these ambient passages are of an incredible beauty (The Mental Trail and Wetlands), more cadenced tracks offer a
structural variety which gives pure musical jewels. I think in particular of Land of the Myths with its guitars chords which drag
in loops on a synth in the waves slightly fluty. These loops become more biting and entangle to superb strata of a gliding
guitar, deviating Land of the Myths towards a spectral side, while leaving a place to the beauty of a morphic dream.
First Arrival is simply brilliant with it where aboriginal percussions drawing a soft rhythm of submission wrapped with a guitar
of which solos transcend the depth of emotions. Gateway is a skillful journey where the rhythm can be nervous, as on the
title track that could be an Amerindian trance on a background of an exotic guitar and The Traveller with its hypnotic rhythm and strata from an incisive and morphic guitar. And what can we say about Thule with its heavy aboriginal trance which
hypnosis and bewitch on discreet strata from a ghostly guitar and a biting synth of which sinuous waves draw
a tragic world in perdition.

In brief, Gateway is a stunning musical box where the rhythm crosses and measures an ethereal and poignant depth on
a wonderful mixture of guitar / synth and sequences / percussions. A beautiful album filled with jewels which melt in the ear (First Arrival, The Traveller and Thule) and of small diamonds that the listening will polish, such the wind sculpturing the
magnificent rocks and crossing the strange plains which Wøllo shows us at ear’s flight. A wonderful album of a moving
musicality, which is much more than simply EM.
- Sylvain Lupari

Bei Erik Wøllo handelt es sich um einen norwegischen Elektronikmusiker und Komponisten, der seine ambiente Musik aus
einer Kombination aus elektronischen Tasteninstrumenten und E-Gitarre erstellt. Seine Musik ist äußerst melodisch und
schwebend angelegt, was zu einer sehr relaxten und entspannten Atmosphäre führt. Mit „Gateway“ ist Erik zu dem New
Yorker Label Projekt.com gewechselt. Das Album erscheint im Sommer 2010.

Ein Dutzend Soundscapes mit Laufzeiten zwischen 3:16 und 8:53 Minuten Länge, die in der Zeit zwischen 2007 und 2009
entstanden sind, hat Erik auf seinem Album versammelt. Wer seine Musik kennt oder ihn bereits live erleben konnte
(zum Beispiel letztes Jahr beim Electronic Circus in Bielefeld), der weiß seine herrlichen Stimmungsbilder zu schätzen.
Und genau derartige Stücke bekommt man auch auf dem Album „Gateway“ zu Hauff geboten.

Allein das Siebenminütige „First Arrival“ bietet traumhafte Melodie- und Harmoniefolgen in denen man baden kann.
Das ist aus meiner Sicht Musik mit einem hohen Gänsehautfaktor. Die Melodieführung wechselt hier zwischen den Synthies
und der E-Gitarre, was den besonderen Reiz des Tracks – neben den tollen Harmonien - ausmacht. Ein sich zunächst sanft
entwickelndes „The Crossing“ schließt sich an. Ein Rhythmus bildet die Grundlage auf dem Erik dann hinreißende
Harmoniebögen webt. Ein etwas beschauliches, ambientes Zwischenspiel stellt das etwas mehr als dreiminütige „A Sublime
Place“ dar. Darauf folgt das mit einem dezenten Rhythmus versehene, mystische Titelstück, das erst zum Ende hin den
Wøllo-Stil erreicht. Auch das knapp vierminütige „Blue Universe“ ist mehr ein Stimmungserzeugendes,
ambientes Zwischenspiel.

Weitflächig und hymnisch erklingt dann „The Traveler“ und nimmt uns mit in die Weiten der entlegensten Gegenden dieser oder auch fremder Welten. Weitere Stücke folgen, die diesen Spirit aufnehmen. „The Mental Trail“ kann dabei aber einen
außergewöhnlichen Rhythmus aufweisen, der mystisch und faszinierend wirkt, so wie ein blubbernder Geysir.

Die CD wird in einem sechsseitigen Digipack ausgeliefert, das durch eine sehr schöne Covergestaltung besticht. Futuristisch, fantasievoll und episch zugleich wirkt das Artwork, das für Elektronikveröffentlichungen hochwertig ist. Leider wird im Digipack nicht gerade mit Informationen gewuchert, so dass hier nur die nötigsten Angaben zu finden sind.
Erik Wøllo liefert auch auf seinem neuesten Werk, „Gateway“, wieder den gewohnt hohen qualitativen Standard, der seine
Produktionen auszeichnet. Wer also die bisherigen Alben von Erik mag, der kann bedenkenlos zugreifen. Wer seine Musik
bisher nicht kannte, der kann mit diesem Werk seinen Soundkosmos erkunden, es lohnt sich.
- Stephan Schelle, August 2010

iTUNES/All Music Guide (USA):
On Gateway, Erik Wøllo presents the kind of travelog predicted by Joe Meek with I Hear a New World, a soundtrack of a
visit to an alien world. The roots of the release are more readily placed in late-'70s space rock and '80s new age, though.
Elegant blend of dreamy synth loops, deep bass tones, soft electric guitar parts, and more simply does break through into
a new, striking synthesis. There's no question that Gateway is both well-performed and arranged; it's a lovely sounding
effort throughout, with standout tracks including the title song, a quiet shuffling beat anchoring a peaceful piano melody
and other elements suggesting a ship gently arcing through alien skies.

"The Traveler," with its mid-song break of sudden synth swells feeling like a sudden sunrise over the arc of a planet,
"Land of Myths" starts out with a cosmic tour Cosmos sense, then more steady synth plucks and rolls show up on
"First Arrival," sounding like a first meeting with aliens — definitely the end of '70s-zone space rock via a new age filter
when the steady ominous/beautiful late-night Miami Vice synths come in. The concluding track, "Thule," revolves around
both a slightly more upfront rhythm and a slow, flowing, treated guitar loop that ends the album on a high note —
it's at once of a piece with the rest of the album, while also giving a sense that things will continue in a chilled, wondrous way.

In all the sheer pleasantness, Gateway is attractive, mysteriousness and gentle and contemplative feeling.
A piece with many other albums over the years, making it exactly what it aims to be.
- Ned Raggett

No album this past year had its cover image and song titles so perfectly capture the essence of the music contained within
as the latest CD from Norwegian Wøllo. Using his arsenal of guitars, keyboards and percussion, Wøllo explores dark,
shadowy otherworlds, sometimes powerfully, sometimes subtly, but always with an air of alien mystery wedded to
pristine yet icy beauty.

Norwegian keyboardist Erik Wøllos latest release, Gateway, comes clad in a digipack with a subtly foreboding yet eerily
beautiful cover image. I am reminded of the visuals for the computer games Riven and Myst, but these are darker and more
sinister. The music contained within is a blend of light and dark, alien and familiar. Flowing ambient sounds are punctuated
by moments of drama and rhythmic intensity, melding the ambient, electronica, ethnotribal, and progressive fusion genres.
Song titles (Land of Myths, First Arrival, The Crossing, The Mental Trail, Wetlands) paint Gateway as a concept album of a trip
through the titular archway pictured on the cover.
- Bill Binkelman

This CD from 2010 features 70 minutes of icy ambience. Norwegian synthesist Wollo plays electric guitars,
guitar synthesizers, keyboards, percussion and programming. One cannot discern here whether these atmospheric textures
are generated by synthesizers or processed guitar - either way, they are suitably ethereal enough that the identity of the
instrument of origin hardly matters. The electronics are vividly mild.

The foundational tones exhibit expansive qualities, creating lavish soundscapes of vaporous distinction.
Skillful layeringof these textural produces vistas of delicate grandeur that shimmer with eternal elegance. Keyboards guide
riffs of endearing charm into divine structures that command attention while retaining a gentle subtlety. Their sparkling
expressions slither through the atmospheric mix with an enticing grace. When the guitar finally sounds like a guitar,
the chords are crystalline and frigid, evocative and alluring. Percussives supply tastefully light rhythms that propel the
tuneage without being to overt.

On a few occasions the tempos muster more verve, yet still remain understated. While obviously ambient,
these compositions also warrant note as lovely pieces of contemporary electronic music. Their airy qualities possess
strongly melodic undercurrents, setting them apart from most ambient fare which tend to concentrate entirely on harmonic
definitions. A few of the songs actually muster enough vitality that they cannot be classified as "ambient",
despite their pacific characteristics.
- Matt Howarth

The soundworld of artist Erik Wøllo, the 49 years old Norwegian composer, knows no physical boundaries,
and the 'gate' to which the title refers, masterfully portrayed by Michal Karcz's artwork adorning the impressive digipak,
is just a transition to a new stage of a journey that leads the listener through imaginary lands that fill the mind,
heart and soul. Now in its fourteenth chapter solo artist Scandinavian (musically active since 1980) is armed with electric
guitars, guitar synth, keyboards, VST applications created by himself, percussion and programming to create 70 minutes
of new work, carried out between 2007 and 2009.

Estimated to work as guitarist and composer for film scores, classical sheet music, music for theater, ballet and so on,
as Erik model competes with the best artists sounds dreamy, enveloping, ethereal, able to convey that sense of oppression
created by the discovery of places that nobody thought could exist, but that can be achieved simply by closing his eyes,
clearing the mind and pressing 'play'. It is a journey in the form of evocative symphony that is slow, where the mystery ever not a prelude to the risk: sound structures that are magic in their linearity, accompanied by rhythms softly enveloping
the guitar now and then carves "sold out passages from the echoes ("First Arrival" and the gorgeous title track).

A sound that translates into the concept of travel notes, between moments of exquisite ethereal suspension ("A Sublime
Place", "Blue Universe", the almost sacred "There Will Be Snow", the soft "Full Circle" and "Wetlands") , through a more fluid and mysterious "The Mental Trail" to the majestic flames of "The Traveler". Although the new age and ambient is around the corner, the labels do not stop and take Erik with this magnificent journey through the majestic scenery of incomparable
beauty, beyond the boundaries of the known world. (translated from Google)
- Roberto Alessandro Filippozzi

Erik Wøllo possesses a special talent to develop fresh, original musical ideas while at the same time achieving an
attractive result for a wide audience. In this album, once again the artist proves this fact. Among the twelve themes
included on the CD, we find some which are more rhythmic while others are more relaxed, yet the melodies and the
good arrangements are always present.

With his personal style, which includes elements of Contemporary Instrumental Music, Ambient, Space, Synth-Pop,
World Music and even Classical Music, the artist succeeds in making us an imaginary adventure live in "Gateway".
We journey through mythical lands, we experience the fascination and the fear awakened by the unknown,
and we even taste exotic folklores shaped by the brilliant imagination of the composer.

In conclusion, this is a very commendable work with a great artistic power.
- Virginia Tamayo

www.mwe3.com (USA):
PROJEKT - One of the top Goth Rock and ambient / experimental recording labels in the U.S., Projekt released a 2010 CD
from Norwegian guitarist Erik Wøllo entitled Gateway. Dark and dreamy New Age oriented electronics is Wøllos forte, and on
Gateway he does not disappoint. Like German electronic music masters Tangerine Dream, Wøllo paints stark sonic portraits,
yet his Teutonic influences are etched by his more pastoral Scandinavian side.

Wøllo blends his guitar sound quite deep in the mix with heavy electronic synth scapes dominating but overall,
the moods conjured are done with stunning authority. With the entire twelve track CD composed, performed and produced by Wøllo, the instrumentation of choice blends in a stellar mix of electric guitars, guitar synthesizers, keyboards, Wollo VST
instruments, percussion and programming. Striking cover art and packaging seals the deal on this modern e-music classic.
Robert Silverstein

Ettoregarzia.blogspot.it (Italy):
Chitarrista norvegese, Erik Wøllo ha giˆ una apprezzatissima carriera alle spalle iniziata pressappoco alla metˆ degli anni
ottanta quando esord“ con "Where it all begins" che lo presentava come un abile solista con svariate influenze: i suoi primi
dischi (che personalmente reputo siano probabilmente i suoi capolavori) lo introducono come artista di rango con formazione musicale ampia e con sonoritˆ molto vicine a quelle dei musicisti jazz/fusion norvegesi (T. Rypdal, J. Abercrombie, ecc. per
intederci); tuttavia Wøllo aveva fin da allora una peculiaritˆ, una predisposizione naturale alla musica elettronica e in
generale alle sue evoluzioni attraverso la spiritualitˆ new-age o le "landscapes" ambientali. Difatti giˆ in "Traces",
Wøllo metteva sostanzialmente da parte l'anima jazz e rock per sviluppare quella ambient e new age.

Tutti i suoi dischi successivi diventarono dei veri progetti musicali intrisi per˜ di quella profonditˆ (anche paesaggistica)
tipicamente nordica, spesso dedicandosi ad un lavoro di composizione dove la chitarra, il suo strumento principale, veniva
boicottata a favore di una ricerca di spiritualitˆ quasi subliminale e ottenibile da una personale manipolazione di effetti
elettronici. (con spunti nella "space ambient" music e nella "world"). E' qui forse che ci si pu˜ dividere sul personaggio e sul
suo apprezzamento, poichŽ non sempre questi lavori risultano particolarmente innovativi ed appassionati quando assente
o poco presente la chitarra, che alla fine risalta come il suo carattere distintivo.

"The gateway", ultimo lavoro dopo un decennio passato di produzioni a corrente alternata, fa parte di quella categoria di
albums di ambient al "confine" (come molti lavori di Steve Roach), con una visione profonda, ben costruita, ma purtroppo,
in questo caso, emotivamente nella media statistica, forse alla ricerca di un zenith spirituale un p˜ troppo accademico e
"nebuloso" come i soggetti che si vogliono descrivere. Tuttavia sulla modernitˆ e la sensibilitˆ dell'artista c' poco da
discutere: lo dimostrano le numerose commesse ricevute per video installazioni e films,
nonch le composizioni scritte per il teatro multimediale.