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December 13 2011:
"The Road Eternal" (with Steve Roach) and "Silent Currents" are both voted as Best Echoes CDs of 2011.
See the results from the Listeners Poll Top 25 for 2011:

November 2011:
New and unrelased material for 3 different compilation albums (more to come):
- Echo Location : The Echoes Living Room Concerts, Vol. 17
- Various Artists: The Rope 25 (remixes of Black Tape for a Blue Girl)
- PAWS no - kill animal shelter benefit - CD Compilation

September 13 2011:
Release of a my new solo album, "SILENT CURRENTS"! This is a 2 CD release, recorded live at Star's End radio
show in Philadelphia (USA), in 2002 and 2007. Very ambient and textural with focus on the deep drones.
Electronic slow-motion structures, surreal soundscapes and floating currents!
For more info, sound clips and order

September 02 2011:
Solo concert at a local rock and folk music festival in Hemsedal, Norway. This is my home village where I was
born and raised, so this was a very special event. Staged outside and surrounded by the beautiful spectacular
scenery of the Hemsedal mountains! Opening by Kouame Sereba who performed a short set. Later he joined
me at the end of my set, playing various percussion instruments. I performed a lot of new and unreleased
material, special written for this rare evening.
More info about Fauskivalen

June 14 2011:
New album together with Steve Roach: "THE ROAD ETERNAL". Released on Projekt Records (USA), and this is
the second Roach/Wøllo collaboration. ("Stream of Thought" was released in 2009). Six new pieces that
strikes a perfect balance of the artists' two distinct styles. Very well received with high rankings on various
bestselling lists (iTunes, emusic and More information and reviews here

April 16 2011:
Solo concert at E-DAY 2011, a festival for electronic music in Holland, at Theater de Enck in Oirschot.

March 24 2011:
Premiere on "Snowflakes", a piece written for girl choir and small orchestra with organ. Performed by a
norwegian and estonian youth choir and orchestra in Hemsedal, Norway.

March 19 2011:
Opening of a Videoinstallation with my music at LEHIGH UNIVERSITY ART GALLERIES in Bethlehem, PA (USA).
More information here

February 03 2011:
"GATEWAY" is nominated for Best CD international 2010. The Schallwelle Prize is an annual German award for
electronic music. Other nominees for Best CD international are Brian Eno, Ron Boots..... more info here