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December 2010:
"GATEWAY" is on the list of ESSENTIAL ECHOES CDS for 2010!
Also number 4 on Echoes Listeners' Poll Top 25!

October 2010:
USA concerts:
- The Gathering (Philadelphia, PA. 16 October 8:00PM). More information here
- Live on Star's End radio. (Philadelphia, PA. 17 October 1:00AM, 88.5FM WXPN). More information here
- Live on Echoes Radio. (Philadelphia, PA. 20 October)
- One Thousand Pulses (Woodcliff Lake, NJ. 17 October 8:00 PM) More information here
- Soundquest Fest 2010. (with Steve Roach and other artists) (Tucson, AZ. 23 October at Berger Center).
More information here

Soundquest Fest Concert in Tucson

August 16 2010:
New great album by Kouame Sereba. This is West African music combined with a modern electronic sound.
Kouame’s voice and african traditional instruments, arranged together with my guitars and various electronic
instruments. Deep contemplative “Ambient Afrobeat”, that blends African World Music with a modern musical
expression and ambience. Recorded and produced in my studio during 2005-2010. Check it out here:
- Etnisk Musikklubb (label/order)
- iTunes (download USA)
- CDON (CD/download Europe and Scandinavia)

June 08 2010:
Release of my new album "GATEWAY". This is my 14th solo album and it is released on Projekt Records
(USA). This is a journey of electronic music performed on a wide variety of synthesizers, guitars and
percussion. More information and reviews here

"GATEWAY" has received a lot of positive reviews and airplay, as well as reaching high on the sale charts. Chosen as CD of the month on Echoes!

March 14 2010:
2009 ZMR Music Awards: "Between Worlds" (together with Deborah Martin) is nominated as best ambient
album of the year. "Stream of Thought" (together with Steve Roach) is nominated as best electronic album.
More information here

March & April/May 2010:
Touring in Rogaland and North Trøndelag with the school concert project "Off The Wall" (for Rikskonsertene).

February 22 2010:
Check out this amazing video from the Haiti Earthquake:
(Video by Khalid Mohtaseb and the music is my track "Sounds of the seen, Part 1"). From the album
Emotional Landscapes.

February 20 2010:
I am nominated three times for the Schallwelle Prize in Germany. First I am nominated for best musician and
then for the albums "Arcadia Borealis" (with Bernhard Wöstheinrich), and "Air Machine" (with Frank Van
Bogaert). About the prize: Schallwelle-Preis, website:

Electronic Music from Germany are long-time European cultural possessions, which was initated by pioneers of the
seventies as there are Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Kraftwerk. All of them using the technical possibilities of
the electronic era, to create a new and modern language of sound. They had their fingers on the pulse, which first beat
in synthetic waveforms and later in bits and bytes.

The technological and artistic development of the last decades was fast. Electronic music of yore now belongs to the
musical heritage, a new generation of musicians grew again.

The hosting registered society schallwende e.V. in Germany ( together with a large number of
partners out of music and media annually awards the Schallwelle, the prize for electronic music in Germany.