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October 27 2009:
Release of the Erik Wøllo/Bernhard Wöstheinrich collaboration album "Arcadia Borealis"
Released on DiN - the main UK electronica label (Reviews)

October - November 2009:
Busy with many projects these months: 3 week tour with "Off The Wall" (Rogaland), music for a photo/poem
project ("Landskap Langsomt"), composing a piece for the Høstriss festival in Moss ("Splice").

October 12 2009:
2009 Best of Echoes listeners Poll results is released. "Stream of Thought" is voted as number 11!
See the results here:
Also the results of the Echoes 20th Anniversary Listener Poll is released. Among 200 CDs for 20 years of
Echoes, four of my albums are included: "Blue Sky, Red Guitars" (23), "Elevations" (30), "Emotional
Landscapes" (129), "Wind Journey" (154). See the results here:

September 12 2009:
Solo concert at the Movie in Bielefeld/Germany. With special guest
appearance by Bernhard Wöstheinrich. Other acts on the festival: Ian Boddy/Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock/David
Wright, Rainbow Serpent, Nattefrost and Meesha. (Reviews)

September 08 2009:
Release of "Between Worlds" - a collaboration album with Deborah Martin (USA). This is music inspirated by
Native American music and culture, with special focus on the South West area. Apache, Omaha, Kiowa and
others. All blended with modern electronic sounds. Steve Roach appears on several tracks. (Reviews)
Here is a separate website for the album:

June 01 2009:
Frank Van Bogaert (Belgium) releases his new album "Air Machine". As a guest artist, I have contributed with
various guitar parts on most of the material. Check out this great album on www.frankvanbogaert.com

June 01 2009:
Wollo Spacer, my VST effect plugin, is included on the CD ROM software section to the italian pro audio
magazine Computer Music & Project Studio (Italy).

January 13 2009:
Release of "Stream of Thought", the new album together with Steve Roach!
Released on Projekt Records, USA.

Available from www.projekt.com

For reviews and pictures: www.projekt.com

Monday 03/23 on Echoes (USA):
"Arctic ambiences meet desert dreams. Steve Roach and Erik Wøllo are contemporaries from opposite sides of
the world and opposite ends of the thermometer. But after three decades of mutual admiration, they got
together to collaborate on an expansive CD that took both musicians out of their comfort zones and into new
terrain. We connect these artists over transcontinental space to hear their Stream of Thought".
- For more info about the interview: The Echoes Blog