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November 2008:
Prerelease of "Stream of Thought", the new album together with Steve Roach!!
Released on Projekt Records, USA.

Available now from www.steveroach.com/store (Retail release date will be January 13, 2009).

For more information and pictures:


Read this new informative interview with Steve on Sonic Immersion

October 16 2008:
I played live at the opening of Bending Water, a new artwork by Sven Påhlsson, at the National Museum, Oslo.
For more information about the videoanimation: www.nationalmuseum.no

March - May - September - December 2008:
Touring in Norway again with "Off The Wall" Together with Kouame Sereba (vocal/percussion) and Uriel Seri
(el.drums/percussion). This year we will play 75 concerts at junior high schools in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and
N. Trøndelag. World-music with electronic instruments, mixed with acoustic original instruments from Africa.
The project is produced and arranged by Rikskonsertene.

August - December 2008:
Various music projects for Telenor, Dnb NOR and Red Cross. Music for web and advertising.

June - August 2008:
Release of my new VSTi Synthesizer, called WOLLO VOYAGER

"Wollo Beat", my drum and percussion VSTi, is included on the covermounted disk of Computer Music
The magazine will be available in the UK from 18 June, Europe from 25 June and North America
from 16 July, for two months. My free VST plug-ins were released in 2006, and have been a big success.
Total downloads have now reached over 110.000!

April - August 2008:
Traveling and working on several new album projects together with various artists: Frank Van Bogaert
(Belgium), Bernhard Wostheinrich (Germany), Deborah Martin (Native American Indian project, USA) and Steve
Roach (USA). Also working as a producer and arranger on "Kilimanjaro 2", a new album by Kouame Sereba.
More information soon.

April 22-25 2008:
"Heimen vår", the project together with photographer Knut Bry and author Eldgrim Springgard will be performed
on junior high schools in Hallingdal 22-25th of April. And also later this year in November.
More info: Hallingdølen

April - August 2008:
Working on my new album. This will be my 14th soloalbum. Release late next year. More information soon.

April 18 2008:
Re-release of the Wiese/Wøllo/Waring album on CD! This album from 1984 is now available from Curling
Legs, the main jazz record label in Norway. The trio with oboe, vibraphone and acoustic guitar was established
in 1982. The music we played was a unique mixture of jazz and classical music with a lot of improvisation.