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December 2007:
"ELEVATIONS" is nominated as Best Electronic Album of the year on NAR 2007 Lifestyle Music Awards.
(nominated by broadcasters worldwide)

"ELEVATIONS" is also on the Amazon.com Best of 2007 Top 10 selection.

And it is also on the list of ESSENTIAL ECHOES CDS for 2007.
And also on Echoes Listeners' Poll Top 25 of 2007!

My album "ELEVATIONS" was released in USA and Canada February 2007, and it has been a success!
This is my 13th solo album, and it has been very well received.
Click here for more information and for reading reviews.

Elevations was also picked as CD of the month for February on Echoes!

November 12 - 30 2007:
Touring in Norway again with Kouame Sereba (vocal/percussion) and Uriel Seri (el. drums/percussion).
30 concerts at junior high schools in Buskerud. World-music with electronic instruments, mixed with acoustic
original instruments from Africa.
The project is called "Off The Wall" and is produced and arranged by Rikskonsertene.

November 09 2007:
I will perform "Infinite" on a local concert in Fredrikstad, Norway. This is an evening with experimental
electronic music with several other artists. For more information: Opplev Fredrikstad

October 30 2007:
I performed live on "ECHOES" (USA). Will be broadcasted later this year in December. Echoes is heard on 200
radiostations all around the USA. For a complete list look here: http://www.echoes.org/stattime.html

October 28 2007:
I performed live, direct on air, on "STAR'S END" (WXPN in Philadelphia, USA).

October 27 2007:
I performed at "The Gatherings" in Philadelphia, USA. More information here: the gatherings.org

Oktober 2007:
Three new projects: "Little Oistein" ("Lille Øistein") - music for computergame. "Oisteins pencil" ("Øisteins
blyant") - a new TV serie for children for NRK, with 26 short episodes. And I also made some music for a
documentary about Østfold in Norway.

October 13 2007:
I performed on the E-Live 2007 festival in Eindhoven (Holland). For more information: e-live.groove.nl

October 17 - 19 2007:
"Heimen vår", a project at Ål Kulturhus together with photographer Knut Bry and author Eldgrim Springgard.
Live performances for junior high school in Hallingdal about the global warming threats in our time.
This project will also be performed on schools next year. Press information: Hallingdølen

September 22 - October 02 2007:
"Breathing space" (Pustestripe). Music for a new ballet project by Kjersti Engebrigtsen. The performances are
inside a special built glass house on Karl Johan Street, the main street in Oslo. Coda Dance Festival.

August 13 2007:
I have a new track on the latest Lost Frontier Sampler 09 (Spain). Other artists on the compilation are
Moebieus, Roedelius (Cluster), Bone, Ashley, Wright and many others. This is a promotion album, and can be
downloaded for Free!

August 2007:
My latest VST software is included on the cover DVD-ROM for DTM Magazine, a Japanese monthly magazine
for computer-based music production.

July 2007:
I have a track called "Converge" on STAR'S END 30th Anniversary Anthology CD. A double CD containing
unreleased live music from 11 renowned artists like Ian Boddy, Robert Rich and Steve Roach.

June 05 - August 28 2007:
Music on the Nobel Peace Center.
"The Earth has a Fever", an exhibition with activities and art workshop for children.

February 13 2007:
Relase of my new album "ELEVATIONS"!
This is my 13th solo album. A little more electronic and ambient this time. Same style as "Wind Journey and
"Emotional Landscapes". Also with elements from older albums like "Solstice" and "Images of Light".
Click here for more information and for reading reviews, click here

Elevations was picked as CD of the month for February on Echoes!