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December 10 2006:
I have composed a new track for a Christmas compilation album in Spain. It can be downloaded for free here:

December 06 2006:
I did a short performance at the opening of Bruno Oldanis exebition at DogA (Norwegian Design and
Architecture center in Oslo). Oldani is a very well known designer and this is a retropective exebition called
"I did it my way". www.doga.no www.oldanidesign.no

December 01 2006:
I have made music to an installation by the artists Maria Almaas Frantzsen and Annette Martens.
Made of found objects, and mounted on the Music Pavillion at Carl Johans gate, the main street in Oslo.
This is a part of the Oslo Lightfestival. www.osloarr.no

December 01 2006:
My VST software is included on the cover DVD-ROM for DTM Magazine, a Japanese monthly magazine for
computer-based music production. www.dtmm.co.jp

November 29 2006:
"Sedona" from my album Blue Sky, Red Guitars is one of the tracks on the "Lights Out 10" compilation CD to
benefit the Oregon Food Bank, USA. www.kink.fm/radio.php

September 30 2006:
Premiere of a new video installation called "Playing Games Paying Games" by Sven Påhlsson with my music at
Galleri Trafo, Asker in Norway.
I played live a short miniconsert after the opening. Together with Inge Norum on tablas, djembe and cymbals.

September 17 2006:
We celebrated Knut Bry with a huge surprise party at Store Studio (NRK in Oslo). Knut is 60 years old oct. 3.!
I performed live a new composition based on some ambient nature recordings made by Knut some years ago.
Inge Norum joined me on percussion (tablas and djembe). I also performed a short piece together with
Eldgrim Springgard, who read his special written poem for Knut.

For more information about Knut Bry: www.tinagent.no

August 31 2006:
Welcome to my new and redesigned homepage. Hope you like it!
The recent years I have received a lot of positive response to this site, and we have tried to keep it in a very
similar informative style. But a lot of things are new. Like the scores and the gallery page. Also check out the
new separate website for "Beacons", the art installation at Asker trainstation in Norway.

March-October 2006:
Working on new material for a new album. Release spring 2007! More information soon.

Very busy with other projects as well:
Diverse productions in my studio, like a new world music album with Kouame Sereba. Including some tracks
for compilation albums. (Blårollinger and others). Kouame is a singer and musician from the Ivory coast. He plays dodo (mouth bow) and percussion. For more info about Kouame, click here

Also working for Hyperlinkto, making music for website presentations. (SAS-Bråthens, Volkswagen, Togservice,
NCC, Leger Uten Grenser-MSF, and others).

February 13 2006:
New versions of my VST Instruments are released. New graphics with a lot of improvements and new features.

Since the first release February 2005, this has been a huge success. Total downloads for all 4 plug-ins have
now reached 40.000!

A lot of musicians have used the VST instruments in their compositions.
Here is a link to Hawking by Syngularity:

My VST instruments are included in the January cover mount CD of PC Professionale.
(Italy's largest publication for IT professionals and PC power users).