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Sept - Oct - Nov - December 2005:
Touring in Norway with Kouame Sereba (vocal/percussion) and Uriel Seri (el. drums/percussion).
50 concerts at junior high schools in Hedmark and Oppland. World-music with electronic instruments, mixed
with acoustic original instruments from Africa. I am using my usual live set-up with guitars, keyboard and
laptop. The tour is produced and arranged by Rikskonsertene.

November 10-13 2005:
Galeria Dels Angels and Spencer Brownstone Gallery present " Playing Games Paying Games", a new 3D
animation work by Sven Påhlsson. World wide premiere in a solo presentation at the third annual LOOP
video art fair in Barcelona, Spain. I composed a new electronic music score, inspired by sounds from
computer games and casinos. http://www.galeriadelsangels.com/index.htm.

September 30, October 3-4 2005:
Music to "Livskraften", a theatre piece by Thor Rummelhoff. Played at the Østfold University College, (at the
Faculty of Health and Social studies, Bachelor of Nursing) in Fredrikstad . Acoustic piano and guitars blended
with electronic music.

August 18 - 23 October 2005:
Music to Christine Istad's exebition "Elevator" on Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo.
Electronic music and sound installation (5.1 surround), together with abstract photos. "20-minute, looped
sound program that surrounds the listener and observer from all sides. Based on an abstract sound
expression, this audio experience provides a supplementary framework around the abstract photographs".

Norway's largest collection of modern international art
Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

August 05-25 2005:
West coast USA tour. Double act performances together with Tom Griesgraber (Chapman Stick) and Jerry
Marotta (drums and percussion). 10 concerts in Los Angeles, San Diego, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto,
Silicon Valley, Eugene, Portland, Vancouver-Canada, Seattle.

For more information about Marotta/Griesgraber:

June 04 2005:
Premiere on "Balling Games", a new 3D animation video work by Sven Påhlsson at Le Fresnoy Studio National
des Arts Contemporains in Lille, France. Video in HD on 3 screens. I made an all new electronic score,
mixed in 5.1 surround.

May 26 2005:
Opening of "Beacons", a permanent light and sound installation at Asker Train Station (north of Oslo, Norway).
Concept and design by Sven Påhlsson. Animated lightprojections on the three arcades between the train tacks.
Six channels of elctronic music are played continously and will change every day. This newly refurbished station
is the 5th largest trainstation in Norway. For more information about this work, click here

April 26 2005:
"Blue Sky " from Blue Sky, Red Guitars is one of the tracks on the "Lights Out - Nine" CD to benefit the
Oregon Food Bank. Other artists included are Moby, Mark Isham, Daniel Lanois and William Ackerman.
Kink FM102

April 2005:
I am doing a guest appearance on the new album "Beyond City Lights" by Jon Jenkins. Check it out on

February 16 2005:
I have designed and created my first VST instruments. One analog style synthesizer, an FM synthesizer,
a 808 style drum machine and a multi fx plug-in.
More information here.

February 01 2005:
"Silver Beach" will be rereleased on Margen Records (Spain)! This, my fourth album from 1987
has been out of print for several years. The music has been remastered and there is 30 minutes of
extra unreleased bonus material.

Silver Beach is my fourth album and represented a new direction in my career in 1987. More rhythmic and
rock oriented than what I previously had done.
Originally most of this music was composed when I was living in a small flat in the center of Oslo, Norway. I
remember I had the studio in a corner of the living room. Like Traces (my second album in 1985), all music
was electronic and made using the latest MIDI technology at that time.
When I remastered the album I tried to keep the spirit of the originals. And at the same time I wanted to
add certain elements to make it more complete. All my albums represents a chapter in my life. In many ways
the music reflects how to live in a particular time. And different musical styles come and go. But I have always
tried to find my own way.
Silver Beach has been out of print for a long time. A lot of people have asked me where to get it. This inspired
me to make a new and updated version. Here it is again. Enjoy!" (Erik Wøllo, Fredrikstad, November 2004 -
text from the new CD cover)

January 28 2005:
Two new interviews:
- Interview by Michael Foster for the webmagazine Ambient Visions (USA). With CD focus on my latest release
"Blue Sky Red Guitars".
Ambient Vision is a website for ambient, new age, electronica, electronic, space, world and experimental

- Interview in Electronic Shadows. The one-stop website for traditional and new electronica. With reviews,
news, gig guides, concert reports, tech articles, artist profiles and more. A useful resource for anyone who
wants information about electronic music.

January 2005:
Releasing of Tribute to Michael Garrison: "To the Sky and beyond the Stars", on Quantum Records (Holland).
I have a special written track called "The Flight" on this 2 CD compilation in memory of Michael Garrison,
who died in March last year.

December 2004:
my new album released in october, was very well received from many people:

-iTunes top 10 New Age Album for 2004!
-The TOP instrumental album of the year by Backroads Music.
-Voted as nr 5 on the list of 25 Essential Echoes CDs for 2004.
-As well as nr 10 on the Echoes Listeners Poll!
-It was also picked as the CD of the Month for November on ECHOES!

(Echoes is the nightly music soundscape heard on over 150 public radio stations in USA, on-line at
www.echoes.org and on XM Satellite Radio, Channel 133 on Sunday 3 til 5 pm ET and Monday 3 til 5am ET.)