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November/December 2004:
my new album released in october, was very well received from many people:

-iTunes top 10 New Age Album for 2004!
-The TOP instrumental album of the year by Backroads Music.
-Voted as nr 5 on the list of 25 Essential Echoes CDs for 2004.
-As well as nr 10 on the Echoes Listeners Poll!
-It was also picked as the CD of the Month for November on ECHOES!

(Echoes is the nightly music soundscape heard on over 150 public radio stations in USA, on-line at
www.echoes.org. and on XM Satellite Radio, Channel 133 on Sunday 3 til 5 pm ET and Monday 3 til 5am ET.)

October 05 2004:
My new album "BLUE SKY, RED GUITARS" is released on Spotted Peccary Music (USA, Canada).
This is my 12th solo album. Acoustic oriented ambient guitar music.

The album is also released on iTunes, and can be downloaded now!

Also check out the new "iTunes Exclusives - EP".
(a four track exclusive EP, available as download from iTunes only!!)

October-December 2004:
I will make music to a permanent installation (by Sven Påhlsson) at Asker Stasjon (Asker Trainstation) just
outside Oslo. This newly refurbished station is the 5th largest trainstation in Norway. Opening ca March 2005.
More information soon.

September-October 2004:
I am composing music for a new 45 minutes ballet called "Fragile" by choreographer Kjersti Engebrigtsen.
Modern experimental dance with electronic music. Premiere oct 5th at Trikkehallen Kulturhus, Oslo.
Also played oct 6-7th.

May 25 2004:
My albums "Guitar Nova" and "Emotional Landscapes" are now available as digital download from the Apple
iTunes Music Store.

Download an entire album for $9.99 ....or individual tracks for $0.99. iTunes 4.5 is available for Mac OS X,
Windows XP, and Windows 2000 and also allows you to sign in and buy music from the iTunes Music Store with
your AOL Account. Click here to get the free iTunes player: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download

More of my titles will be added and available soon.

April-May 2004:
I am making music for a new ballet project by choreographer Teet Kask. The title is "Distant Buddha".
25 minutes of electronic music. Premiered on The Norwegian Ballet High School in Oslo.

May 13-29 2004:
The videos "Consuming Pleasures, The Trilogy" by Sven Påhlsson is showed on Delta Juice & Circus in
Fredrikstad. Also on this festival at FMV in Fredrikstad, we show our new work, called "Playing Games, Paying
Games". Check out more information about Sven and his work: www.svenpahlsson.com

March 25,June 27,Oct.3,Nov.14 2004:
The ballet/concert project "Cascade", was performed at The National Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, March 25th.
Next performance will be same place May 02-04. "Cascade" will also be performed at the Munch Museum, Oslo
June 27th. and at Høvikodden Kunstsenter Oct 3rd.

February 2004:
I have a new previously unreleased track called "Elevation" on the collection CD "Event/Horizon", released by
Ultima Thule, the leading ambient radiostation in Australia. Other artists on the album will be Steve Roach,
Robert Rich and Tim Story.