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Sept-Dec 2002:
I am working on and finalizing my new album "EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPES". It will be released spring 2003 on
Spotted Peccary Music, USA. Licensed courtesy of Monumental Records. This is my 10th album and the music
is stylistic in the same ambient era as "Wind Journey". The new element this time is the use of cello, played
by Liv Frengstad. Together with layers of synthesizers, and of course lots of guitars.
(Alfredo Santos at WJZW-FM/Smooth Jazz Brunch, Washington DC, recently called me the Luke Skywalker of
Guitar-Wars! ...so I must try to live up to this!)

Here are some of the texts that will be on the CD-cover:
1: In the Picture 2:51
2: Metaphor 4:42
3: Prism 4:15
4: Second Totem 5:25
5: Sounds of the seen, Part I 8:06
6: Valley 3:02
7: Virtual World 5:54
8: Mountain Beach 5:21
9: Sounds of the seen, Part II 3:00
10: Satellite 4:21
11: Echo of Night/Cadence 6:08


Recorded and mixed 2001-2002 at Wintergarden Studio/ the Wintergarden Mobile Unit, Fredrikstad, Norway.
Mastered at Wintergarden Studio by Erik Wøllo.
Cover Design: Greg Klamt/dRONE aRT.
Contentum on track 5 was recorded under the World Trade Center in late August 2001, few days before the
attack September the 11th.
Track 4 and 8 are new compositions made of excerpts and samples from my previous albums Traces (1985)
and Silver Beach (1986).
Cello themes on track 5 and 9 are from Shadowgraph, a ballet by choreographer Teet Kask.

More information soon!

December 11 2002:
My album Wind Journey is nr 5 on the listeners list of favorite 25 Echoes CDs of the past year. Wind Journey
also appeared on this list last year.

December 2002:
"Dream Lines" from Wind Journey is one of the tracks on the upcoming "Lights Out VIII" CD to benefit the
Oregon Food Bank. To date the Lights Out Series has raised over $1,500,000 for the food bank. Other artists
included are Patrick O'Hearn, Pat Metheny, David Helpling.......
KINK fm102

December 7 2002:
I played live guitar and electronics on "Cascade", a music/ballet performance choreographed by Jane Hveding
at Frysja, Oslo. Together with dancer Inger Malene Glette.

Aug-Nov 2002:
Working on the music for a new video/animation CONSUMING PLEASURES, by Sven Påhlsson. A beta version
will be shown at Miami Basel Art Fair, Miami Beach, USA in December. The final version will be finished next

September/October 2002:
I have written electronic music on a project for Norsk Hydro, called Extrusion. Music and sounds for
flashanimations. Producer on the projects was Hyperlinkto.

September 7&8 2002:
Live performances on the Mela 2002 festival in Oslo. I composed and performed the music for "Wordfall",
a short dance-drama with live guitar and electronics. Poems by Tarjei Vesaas, Pål Helge Haugen and Sarmad
Sehbai. Choreograpy by Jane Hveding. Directed by Sarmad Sehbai. Dancer was Inger Malene Glette, and the
poems were read by Kristin Zachariassen.
The piece was shown at the main scene by Oslo City Hall and at Musikkteateret.

June/Juli 2002:
Working on the music for a dance-drama "Shadow of the red hair" by Pakistan author and director Sarmad
Sehbai. This is a collage of words, dance and music, based on the life of norwegian painter Edvard Munch.
The premiere will be at Det Norske Teater early next year.

May 23 2002:
Premiere on the Video/Animation film "Sprawlville" by Sven Påhlsson at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York.
I made the music for this video.

"Sprawlville" will later also be shown in Paris (Surface2Air), Frankfurt (Manifesta 4, the Research Room),
Basel (Statements, Intl. Art Fair, June 12-17), Switzerland, and New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
("Out of Site", June 27).

Other shows in 2002: Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark. Oslo Kunsthall, Norway. De Appel in Amsterdam,
Holland . Feira deTentaciones in Madrid, Spain. Centre Pour L'Image Contemporaine in Geneva, Switzerland.
Massimo de Carlo in Milano, Miami Basel Art Fair at Miami Beach, USA............

Review (from the New Museum show):
....It would be hard to go further from utopian ideals than in the 3-D animation video by Sven Pahlsson titled
Sprawlville, or Life at Highway Exit Ramp." It's a hallucinatory, digitally generated trip through nocturnal suburbs, past
fortresslike malls and housing developments that resemble colossal power plants, all viewed as if by alien surveillance.
It's a threatening, bad-dream vision of American 1950's optimism and, with a score by Erik Wollo, one of the highlights
of the show....

(New York Times, July 12, 2002. Architectural Visions Keep Dreamers Awake. By HOLLAND COTTER)

Review (from the Spencer Brownstone show):
......Mind-numbing repetition is the leitmotif of the piece, with row upon row of single-family dwellings and cars zipping
along before your eyes. Påhlssons collaborator Erik Wøllo composed an electronic score that enchances the sense of
oppressive sameness. The steady rhythms of drums keep pace with building facades that chug by as if passing on a
conveyorbelt. This monotony is broken, however, by frequent shifts in scenery and the accompanying musical

(Artforum Magazine, October 2002, by Gregory Williams, page 155-156)

See also other reviews on Sprawlville:
- The New York Sun
-Time Out, New York, June 13-20, 2002 by Christopher Bollen
-The Independent on Sunday, July 21 Marc Spiegler, (England)

May 4&5 2002:
Concert performances in San Diego, USA, with Deborah Martin, Greg Klamt, and Mark Rownd.

April 28 2002:
I played a Living Room Concert at Echoes in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA. It will be broadcasted on
Thursday 6/20, Saturday 06/22, Sunday 06/23.

These concerts are a regular feature of Echoes - the 2 hour, nightly music soundscape heard on over 175
public radio stations all over the country, distributed by Public Radio International. My album WIND JOURNEY
was on the Echoes Top Ten CD list 2001, as well as on the listeners favourite 25CDs list of the year 2001.

In August 2001, I performed my first solo concert at Echoes. One of my compositions was released on the CD
collection: "The Echoes Living Room Concerts, Volume 7"

April 27 2002:
I played a solo concert at "The Gathering" in Philadelphia, USA. Ambient background video by Sven Påhlsson.

(photo by Bill Forcier)

See these links for reviews, pictures and more information:

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April 27 2002:
Late this night I played live a 90 min. set on "Star`s End". This is a nightly ambient music radioshow in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-USA. Hosted by Chuck Van Zyl.

(photo by Chuck Van Zyl)

Star's End profile

April 20 2002:

The ballett "Shadowgraph" was performed at Sandnes Kulturhus. Shadowgraph had a successful premiere at
Black Box Theatre in Oslo last year. "Shadowgraph" is a modern ballett project by choreographer Teet Kask.
Video by Knut Bry. I have composed all the electronic music and cello themes. I also did a short improvised
solo concert this evening, together with dancer Teet Kask. Shadowgraph will be touring in Estonia, Russia and
Portugal in October 2002.

March 2002:
I have written electronic music on projects for Norsk Hydro and SSP. Music and sounds for flashanimations.
Producer on the projects was Hyperlinkto.

January 30 2002:
Oslo Concerthall (Oslo Konserthus): Nora Farah is one of Norway`s foremost cloth designers. In her fashion
show, "Chic and Choc", I made all the music for the catwalk. I also played live, solo guitar at the beginning
and at the end of the show. Big audience, about 1100 people.