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Desember 27 2001:
I wrote the music to "Været i Norge i 2001". A TV-dokumentary for NRK (norwegian public broadcasting) about
the weather in Norway during 2001. All new and special designed music.

December 12 2001:
Hyperlinkto released a CD with my music and a booklet with a menu. Nice pictures and design. This album is
for promotional use only, and not for sale. The release party was at the Brickhouse in Oslo, and I played a
short solo concert. Teet Kask did a short dance performance as well.

November 28 2001:
I played live at the Design Day www.designdagen.no at Bristol Hotel in Oslo. This big annual event is
arranged by the Norwegian Design Council. I also composed music for the awards, as well as background
music during the day.

November 15-18 2001:
Four concerts in Norway presenting the diversity in my music at Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad, Moss and Halden.
Music for Chamber Orchestra and Soprano, String Quartet and Electronic music for Ballet (by choregrapher Teet
Kask) and Video (by Sven Påhlsson).

(photo by www.musikkavisen.no)

(photo by www.musikkavisen.no)

1. «Imaginations» strykekvartett. Urframførelse 1998
2. «Transitions» sinfonietta + sopran (18 musikere) Urframførelse 2000
3. «Lay out» elektronisk musikk til video av Sven Påhlsson 1998
4. «Crash Course» elektronisk musikk til video av Sven Påhlsson 2000
5. «Windows» sinfonietta (15 musikere) 1988
6. «Shadowgraph» elektronisk musikk til ballett av Teet Kask.
(3 dansere, utdrag fra helaftens forestilling)
7. «Accordance» strykekvartett 1992

Østfold Kammerorkester:
Dirigent: Kjell Seim
Sopran: Else Haug
1. Fiolin: Susanne Dalnoki
2. Fiolin: Camilla Rognes
Bratsj: Einy Langmoen
Cello: Hilde Sponberg
Kontrabass: Christian Mortensen
Fløyte: Tom Simensen
Obo: Wenche Helbæk
Klarinett: Roar Alnes
Fagott: Anders Gedde Dahl
Horn: Terje Gravningsmyhr
Trompet: Torgeir Haara
Trombone: Ingse Tvedt
Tuba: Roger Fjeldet
Piano: Haldor Mæland
Harpe: Adele Halten
Slagverk: André Fjørtoft
Slagverk: Lisbeth Wathne

Dansere: Cathrine Horn, Nina Braathen og Pia Holden.

Torsdag: 15.11, kl 19:30 Filadelfia, Sarpsborg
Fredag: 16.11, kl 19:30 Østre Fredrikstad kirke, Fredrikstad
Lørdag: 17.11, kl 16:00 Gimle kultursenter, Moss
Søndag: 18.11, kl 19:00 Studentersamfunnet, Halden

Critic from the concerts at (in norwegian): www.musikkavisen.no

August 20 2001:
I played live at the Echoes Living Room Concert in Philadelphia, USA. These concerts are a regular feature of
Echoes - the 2 hour, nightly music soundscape heard on over 175 public radio stations and distributed by
Public Radio International.

I performed "Drone Music" Part 1-4, and the first part will be released on the CD collection
"The Echoes Living Room Concerts, Volume 7"

I did some interviews about the USA/Canada release of Wind Journey in September.

I also spent several days in New York working on Sprawlville, a new video/computeranimation project by Sven
Påhlsson. All electronic music. This work will be shown at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery and New Museum in
NY next year.

August 4 2001:
I played a concert at the Heslafossen , Gol. In conjunction with the opening of one of the Kulturstreif.no
attractions. This was a very special event outside, near by the waterfall. Eilif Gundersen joined with assorted
norwegian flutes (bukkehorn, seljefløyte, lur). Dancer Teet Kask together with Kari Ingeborg Stensrud and
Karianne Kvam made a visual performance together with the music.

July 19 2001:
"Direkte Sommer" is a radio program on NRK, P2 (Norwegian Public Broadcasting). I was invited and played
live in studio.

June 27 2001:
I have written electronic music on a project for Norsk Hydro called Weblab. This is music for a flashanimation
to be used in a dedicated multimedia/showroom at Vækerø, Oslo. It will also be published on the internet.
Producer on the project is Hyperlinkto.

June 24 2001:
I made the music to the Estonian participant at the "Eurovision Young Dancers 2001". (The piece is called
"Peer Gynt" and is choreographed by Teet Kask). This is a competion for young dancers arranged every year
by EBU. Estonia was among the finalists. The winner this year was Poland. The 9th Eurovision Young Dancers
was hosted by the BBC and took place at the Linbury Studio Theatre in the prestigious Royal Opera House,
Covent Garden, London, from June 18-24 2001.
Live broadcast was on Saturday 23 June 2001, 18:30 -20:00 GMT.

June 18 2001:
Norwegian release of my new album "Wind Journey". Distribution through BMG Norway AS. This will be released
in other countries later this autumn.
This is my 9th album. Stylistic the music is a combination of «Images of Light/Solstice» and «Guitar Nova».
The new element this time is the use of electric guitars, integrated into various synthesizer layers.
This is all about an imaginary film from a long balloon journey that takes you to different exotic places around
the world (although mostly to the northern parts!) All music and titles can have a connection with the front
cover photo, so this has become almost like a concept album. Without becoming program-music. Here are a
wide spectrum of moods. From down to earth-to out into the space, all the time referring to different types of
landscapes. I think (and hope)that this album will have a wide commercial appeal, not only limited to
ambient music lovers.

I have used String Flow as a working title, but have now found «WIND JOURNEY», which could have been the
title of the front cover photo (shot in San Francisco by Knut Bry)

I have divided the album into three main parts, which includes a long suite, called "Seasons". Ambient,
melodic and rhythmic.

See a positive review (norwegian) on Musikkavisen.no

Here is an impression from Margen Magazine, Spain:
"Today is a fine day for us, as today we got your new album! It's a marvellous piece of work (like always)!!
We feel that it has a more elaborated & complex sound, it's not only an electronic album but one of the best
new instrumental music albums I have listened to for ages... Say, this album is between Dreams of Pyramids
and Silver Beach..., and I'd say this is your best work till now". -Rafa Dorado

May 06 2001:

I performed on electric guitar together with dancer Teet Kask on the Bølgen & Moi restaurant at Briskeby, Oslo.
This was a cultural evening with other acts as well. (Håvard Rem, Jon Rio Grande). We did a similar happening
last year at the Oil Museum in Stavanger.

May 02 2001:
Opening of "Chat Chat Chat", an exhibition at Østfold Kunstnersenter/Gallery in Fredrikstad. (May 2.-20.)
I made the music and sound design to this animation/interactive exebition.
This is an installation in two rooms: the first room ( the Send Room) gives the visitors a chance to chat on the
net in real time. There is also a workstation with interactive sounds. All this is transmitted to the main room
(the Receive Room).
The main room has a large screen with flashanimations by Cathrine Alvin. All the chatting text is projected into
these preprogrammed animations. On large speakers the main music is played from a CD, added with the
interactive sounds from the send room.

I did a short live performance on electric guitar at the opening.
For more photos from this event, click here

March 21 2001:

I have written music to "Shadowgraph", a new ballett project by choreographer Teet Kask. Video by Knut Bry.
Electronic music together with main themes played by Liv Frengstad on cello. Black Box Store Scene,
Oslo (March 21-25)

February 05 2001:
Premiere on the video/installation "Crash Course" by Sven Påhlsson at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo. I wrote the
music for this project. All electronic music. Museet for Samtidskunst (Norwegian Museum of Contemporary Art)
bought the whole installation!

"Crash Course" will also be shown at the PS1 museum/contemporary artsenter, Long Island City in New York,
October 2001. As well as at the International FIAC in Paris, also October 2001. (here together with "Funhouse"
and our first video, "Antebellum America")  Two of my previous works with Sven will be shown in New York this
spring: "Lay out" and "Funhouse" at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, 39 Wooster st, New York. March 2001.

February 2001:
I am writing music for two internet projects for Universitetet i Oslo and IT Bolig. I also do the sound effects
and the overall sound design. Producers are Hyperlinkto.

January 08 - February 15 2001:
I have written music for "Flo, Fjell og Fjære", a TV- serie on NRK. It is about football star Jostein Flo exploring
extreme sports on the vestcoast in Norway. Six episodes with lots of beautiful nature and sceneries. Mostly
new music, but also some tracks from "Guitar Nova" and "Where it all begins".