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Desember 26 2000:
I have written music to "Væropplevelser 2000". A TV dokumentary for NRK (norwegian public broadcasting).
It is about how the weather was in the year 2000. Lots of rain and storm. All new and special designed music.
Mostly electronic, but also lots of guitar work.

Desember 2000:
I am writing electronic music and does the sound design on a internet project for Hydro ISP Partner. Producer
on the project is Hyperlinkto.

November 21 2000:
I wrote some music together with composer Maia Urstad to "En Transformert Reise", a video by Sven Kirkhorn.
Shown in a bus for pupils in the schols in Hedmark Fylke.

October 13 2000:
Premiere on Kulturstreif. no
This is a internet project for Regionrådet in Hallingdal, and shows some cultural aspects and places of the
valley Hallingdal. (where I was born).
Mostly I have composed electronic music, based on various loops. Lots of sound effects too. Also traditional
norwegian folk music, (the harding fiddle) which I arranged.
This will be linked to different portals that contains Tourist information about Norway.