(interview with, webmagazine from Lihuania)
(Interview on OndaRock, the Italian web music magazine by Matteo Meda)
(interview about "Timelines" in Ambient Visions, a webmagazine in USA by Michael Foster)

(Interview in Artcticmist, a spanish webmagazine covering various electronic music)

Exhebition of Words and Sounds

(Erik Wøllo: a curious hard working man. A short interview on a blog)

Interview in Ambient Vision
(Interview 2005 by Michael Foster. With CD focus on "Blue Sky Red Guitars".
Ambient Vision (USA) is a website for ambient, new age, electronica, electronic,
space, world and experimental music.)

Interview in Electronic Shadows
(Electronic Shadows is the one-stop website for traditional and new electronica.
With reviews, news, gig guides, concert reports, tech articles, artist profiles and more.)

Interview with Jon Aanensen, November 2003
(in norwegian language).

"LISTEN TO NORWAY" No. 1, 1995 Volume 3
(Profile written by Jostein Pedersen in the magazine.)

Interview 1998, ERIK WØLLO
("Margen Magazine" by Rafa Dorado, Spain)

Interview 1998: ERIK WØLLO

("Nuevas Músicas del Mundo Magazine" by Manuel Fco. Moreno Martinez, Spain)