August 28 2020 :
CONVERGENCE, the new album together with MICHAEL STEARNS is released on Projekt Records!
Soulful electronic sound-painting and evocative space music combined. Stearns collaborates with
Wøllo on his first label-released non-film-score since 2001. Together, these guitarists/synthesists
weave a haunting and shadowy world filled with longing melodies and alluring glimmering sonic

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Album of the month for September on Echoes! Great review here

January 12 2020:
Here is a nice podcast with over 3 hours of music, tracks from almost all of my albums:

August 09 2019:
Concert in Norway at the Fauskivalen festival in Hemsedal, Norway!
On stage with me was some incredible musicians:
Jerry Marotta (ex Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney), Trey Gunn (ex King Crimson) and Kouame Sereba.
We played all new music that I wrote special for this evening. We had a great audience, and the weather was
nice. A magic evening for us! Here are a couple of short videos:

March 29 2019:

Release of my new album SOURCES! This is music that was made around 1986 - 1992, comprised of ten
previously unreleased tracks. It was originally recorded surrounding the album sessions that spun Traces
(1985), and Silver Beach (1986). Very atmospheric and electronic, using various synths and equipment that
was available at that time, as well as some electric guitars.
Released on the Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound, available on CD/LP and digital versions.

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January 04 2019:
New album INFINITE MOMENTS! This is a one hour journey of brand new music. Very ambient, using various
electric guitars with Ebow. Six long, luminous and timeless moments merging into slow drifting sections of
continuously evolving combinations.

"An inward meditative journey
for stillness and reflection.
A satellite floating weightless in space"

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- Excerpts from the whole album

December 01 2018:
Solo concert at B-Wave Festival, an annual electronic music festival in Belgium. My only public concert this year. CC Muze in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. More information here

April 30 2018:
New solo album THRESHOLD POINT is released!

"Norwegian sound-artist Erik Wøllo’s 23rd full length album delivers a collection of carefully crafted
compositions: introspective, yet melodic electronic music. It’s pensive and reflective upon
passing and transition; several sequencer-driven pieces contrast with surrounding dreamlike
ambient soundscapes. Wøllo’s mood is reflective and expressively intense, capturing an
authentic moment in time"

Threshold Point is chosen as the May CD of the Month on Echoes Radio (USA).
Read a fantastic review by John Diliberto here

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Spotted Peaccary Music (high res files)

Youtube videos:
- Excerpts from the whole album
- "Mosaic of Time III, Hidden Path"
- "Eon"
- "Ravel Peak"

February 16 2018:
New album MERIDIAN , released February 16 2018!
"This is the third collaborative project with Ian Boddy. Sophisticated and cinematic electronic music. Both uptempo,
melodic pieces interspersed with reflective and slow ambient interludes. A mix with analogue synth & string textures
of Boddy with the intricate interlocking patterns of Wøllo’s guitar, that at times sound like delicate sequencer patterns.
A stunning album full of sonic imagery and beautiful harmonies".

Demo mix, Soundcloud

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September 15 2017:
New album CINEMATIC, released September 15 2017!
Music made for diverse media 1998 - 2003. Edited, remixed and remastered 2017.

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Youtube video of "Crescent Moon"

March 17 2017:
New album DIFFERENT SPACES, released on March 17 2017!
This is a double album (2 disks) and it has over 2 hours and 45 minutes of brand new music:

Renowned Norwegian ambient/electronic artist Erik Wøllo creates an album of distinctly varied melodic
electronic music. His 21st full length is an expansive 2-CD collection spanning 2 hours and 45 minutes:
22 new compositions display a pioneering artist exploring and expanding his distinctive musical territories.
Using electric guitars as his primary melodic instrument, over a landscape of distinctive electronic
sound textures, he builds a unique and creative bridge between panoramic rhythmic realms and gentle,
serene atmospheres. Combined with classic elements established on early released Traces (1985) and
Images of Light (1991), Different Spaces is a refined reflection through Wøllo’s 35 years of artistic experience.

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Youtube videos with excerpts from the album: DISK 1 DISK 2
Youtube video of "Motion Blue"

May 13 2016:
New album together with Byron Metcalf!

"Electronic musician Erik Wøllo joins tribal-trance percussionist Byron Metcalf for an elegant album weaving melodic,
vibrant soundscapes with subtle, grounding rhythms.

Earth Luminous stirs the memory on a voyage through melodic, electronic ambient music where an ethereal sky is
anchored and activated by steady, tactile frame drum and percussion-patterned earth. Byron's tight-to-the-rhythmic-grid
substratum pulse serves as a conduit to Erik's lush and melodic drifting textural atmospheres. These two sonic
explorers find a meeting place where vapor trails and glowing man-made cityscapes merge."

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March 29 2016 :
My new album "Star’s End 2015 - Silent Currents 4" is released! This is a live album from my 2015 live
performance at the late-night Star’s End radio show on WXPN in Philadelphia. A very ambient long-form,
introspective 60-minute piece with sections of enigmatic textures flowing into each other.

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December 15 2015:
"Blue Radiance" and "Echotides", my two new releases this year are both on the Best of Echoes 2015
And also on the list of John Diliberto

December 14 2015:
"Sonic Seasonings"
This is a special live Christmas Holiday appearance on Echoes: All new material specially composed for this
event (recorded live at the Echoes studio in Philadelphia, October 2015)

December 04 2015:
"VISIONS" is a new compilation album with 8 tracks taken from 12 of my latest albums released 2010-2015
on Projekt Records!

"This remastered budget-priced collection brings together standout tracks from the twelve Projekt releases by this
renowned Norwegian electronic artist. VISIONS highlights the cascading melodic and consonant lyrical side of Eriks
intuitively-crafted soundworlds. On these eight expressively performed and immaculately produced instrumentals,
Eriks luscious sense of harmony and narrative mix with insistent electronic rhythms.
Propulsion and cyclical movement leave an invisible thread of optical insight in the wake of these essential moments".

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The CD version will be available in early January, pre-Order at the Projekt webstore It will be in retail stores
& Amazon February 5.