Erik Wøllo is also a visual artist. For several years he worked with aquarell and
watercolour techniques. As well as photo and film. The last years he also has
incorporated the use of computer manipulation.

His paintings are often naturalistic with influences from the french impressionists,
as well as norwegian national romantic painters from the eighteenth century.
His main subject is the mountain landscape. With awareness of the shifting weather
and seasons, he works with abstractions, using the landscape as a metaphor.
Landscapes which has not been cultivated by mankind.

Working with his pictures is an inspiration to his professional career as a composer
and musician. He has designed and made images for several of his album releases.
As well as collaborating and composing music to exhibitions together with some of
the most influencial visual artists from Norway. (Sven Påhlsson, Knut Bry and Patrick
Huse and many others).

ERIK WØLLO as a photographer:
Erik is also successfully selling some of his photos on the internet. Images that are
mostly very concrete, but some do have more abstract and poetic feel. Very useful in
all types of publications and presentations, and so on. Check out the images on
these sites:


Footage, a selection of videoclips:


On Deviantart Erik has a selection of some more experimental photos:


"WAVES" (Quick Time movie with music)
"FOAM" (Quick Time movie with music)
"GLOWING MOUNTAIN " (Quick Time movie with music)
"TREE IN WATER " (Wateranimation with music. Just move your mouse over the tree)