1: Morning Dew (2:07)
2: Blue Sky (5:53)
3: Red Guitars (5:22)
4: Sedona (5:51)
5: Destiny (7:03)
6: Silent Nostalgia (3:06)
7: Moving (5:37)
8: Computerlove* (6:17)
9: Rain Three (3:06)
10: In The Hall of Mirrors* (7:05)
11: Timeless (4:23)

Spotted Peccary Music

SPM 1204

2004 (October 05)

Wøllo's latest exploration into the creative possibilities of the guitar is rich with texture and melody,
highly sculpted and detailed - a pulsing vibrant and atmospherically three-dimentional experience.
Influenced by his travels to the North American Southwest, Wøllo manifests the natural wonders
of the area through his instrument, painting profound vistas with many types of acoustic, electric,
electronic, and classical guitar voices.

Ambient, rhythmic and melodic music stylistic in the same ambient era as "Guitar Nova".
Also influences from "Wind Journey" and "Emotional Landscapes".
Layers of various acoustic guitars, with percussion and some electronic treatments.

The album includes 2 cover versions of Computerlove and In the Hall of Mirrors,
both written by the german group Kraftwerk.
Originally synthetic and computerized music, here for the first time performed on acoustic guitars!

All Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by Erik Wøllo,
*Except track 8 and 10, composed by Kraftwerk and arranged by Erik Wøllo.

Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, soprano guitar, e-bow, slide, balalaika, mandolin, electric bass.
For some bass and percussion sounds, VST plug-in instruments by Steinberg and Native Instruments were used.

Recorded and mixed at Wintergarden Studio/Wintergarden Mobile Unit, Fredrikstad 2003/2004.

Mastered at Wintergarden Studio by Erik Wøllo.
Graphic design and layout by Howard Givens.
Photos by Howard Givens and Erik Wøllo, portrait by Knut Bry.